Roof Lights



Looking for a roof window with the highest performing thermally broken technology? We have the most efficient and environmentally sustainable product in New Zealand. Our roof lights are designed to resist the toughest weather conditions while keeping the warmth in.

As well as being energy efficient, Stealth Rooflights are also the most environmentally sustainable product in the market. Our roof lights have a high recycled content giving us one of the lowest carbon footprints of the industry.

Thermally Broken

  • Stealth Rooflights system was designed to be the highest performing thermally broken roof framing available in New Zealand. With 12% more insulation than our nearest competitor, we can guarantee substantial energy savings.
  • Available as fixed glass or as an opening roof light which can be used to provide ventilation, our roof lights are fabricated from thermally broken aluminium frames and sashes. There are a variety of factory-applied finishes for the exterior.
  • These thermally broken aluminium frames can be used with profiled metal, metal tile and low slope membrane roofing. For either fixed or opening roof lights, we have standard and made-to-measure dimensions, perfect for replacing skylights with millimetre perfection.
  • Operable roof lights have the option of having insect screens integrated into the opening. The operable roof windows can also have technology integrated to monitor wind speed, rain and daylight levels so that the motor knows when to open or close.

Key Features

  • Complete flexibility in size
  • Quality Italian remote controlled mechanisms on opening sashes
  • Exterior colour can be customised to match your roofing colour, interior colour can be matched to the internal finishes
  • Dulux powder coat with a minimum 10 year warranty
  • Highest recycled content of any aluminium produced in New Zealand
  • Insulated glass unit can be specified as an acoustic unit making the perceived sound reduction as as 1/2 the original noise level
  • Acoustic unit also has the added benefit of 99% elimination of harmful UV rays
  • WEERS (Window Energy Efficiency Rating System) rating provided by Metro
  • Performance Glass indicates 5.0 stars for our highest performing glass specification
  • Standard glass unit has a R value (resistance to loss of heat) of 0.62 m2 K/W, 17% more resistance than our nearest competitor
  • Insulated glass unit with tinted glass can reduce the heat gain by as much as 50%