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How to Repair a Broken Seal on a Window

Knowing what has broken a window seal isn’t that hard to see. There will be moisture between the layers of glass which you probably tried to wipe away and couldn’t as it was behind the glass. Another tell tailing sign is that there will be water beads in the corners at the bottom of the glass.

Can windows let in cold air with a broken seal?

Its true! A seal that is broken will mean that the insulation that was there to help keep out the cold air is now letting in air. This doesn’t mean that water will be pouring into your home. You may notice that the glass is colder and maybe even an increase in your energy bill. 

What are you options?

Call in the warranty

Most windows come with warranties when they are purchased. You will find this on the T&Cs of the proposal sent to you. This means if you do have a warranty, you can call in and get your problem fixed.

Fix the seal

If replacing the entire window isn’t in your budget, another option would be to have the seal itself fixed. Keep in mind that it wont bring it back to new as the insulating argon gas between the panes wont be replace. This is considerably less expensive than replacing the whole window.

Replace the window entirely

If your window seal goes bad and the warranty is expired, you are better to replace the window entirely. This is the most expensive options but this will help with ongoing issues and potential heating cost rises. Depending on the window this will cost anywhere between $500 – $1000. It is best to call in a professional to repair a job like this.

Tips for Preventing Seal Failure

There are several ways you can prevent problems with failed seals in thermal windows:

  • Buy windows with long warranties. Five to twenty year warranties are common, some companies offer lifetime warranties.
  • Have the windows installed by the company who manufactured them. The insulated panels are installed within the frames at the factory, the full warranty may be offered only if the manufacturer’s technicians install the windows.
  • Examine the windows periodically for signs of deterioration. 
  • Don’t use pressure washers to clean windows. The high-velocity water stream may cause gaps between the seals and frame.

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