Recent Projects

Gazley Motors

In early 2021, construction started on the 6th building of Gazley Motors in the Wellington region. Focus Projects LTD led this project which was completed in March 2022 a year later. The construction is a mixed-use redevelopment that has apartments on top of the Gazley workshop below. They used our Residential range which was complete with 15 units of joinery. 

Joinery Details

Colour Used Duratec Zeus Matt Black. This colour is not in our standard colour range but can be asked for. The Duratec Powdercoat Range is mainly for all major architectural developments and is greater than 10 meters from high tide level. As this property isn’t far from the ocean, this is the perfect match. Duratec also has a 20-year warranty required for film integrity.

Glass – Clear Laminated Double Glaze