Nationwide there will be building changes which MBIE have proposed three different levels of change. There are three new climate zones on top of the three current zones. Take a look at the map (on the right). 

These changes are becoming mandatory in November 2022, with a further upgrade for window performance in the warmest climate zones in 2023. These new changes arent just affecting windows, they are also affecting the, roof, wall and underfloor insulation industries. 

What this means for you -

The new R-values will result in reduction of energy needed for heating residential homes. The R-value is the thermal resistance or insulating value of the material. This means the higher R-value, the better the insulation. 

In Zones 1 and 2, until November 2, 2023, the use of standard aluminium frames with argon-filled, double-glazed low E level 4 glass with a thermal spacer between the glass to achieve R0.37 will be used. 

Zones 3 and 4 will go straight to R0.46 and Zones 5 and 6 will go straight to R0.50 on November 2, 2022. As we speak (April 2022) Nationwide we are at R0.2



What do the R-values mean?

Both the window frames and the type of glass used can significantly affect the way a window performs. There are many options that can be used to achieve the proposed R-values. MBIE has proposed a range of R-values that would allow different materials to be used to achieve the right performance. Achieving these R-values ware below.

–   R0.26 (status quo) is achievable using double glazing with standard clear glass in conventional window joinery. 

–  R0.39 to R0.55 is achievable with double glazing, but would usually require glass with a low emissivity (low E) coating and may also require upgrading aluminium joinery to include thermal breaks. 

–  R0.76 is not easily achievable with aluminium joinery, but can be achieved using triple glazing in uPVC or timber joinery.

Where does Alumax come in all of this?

Here at Alumax, we are ready for change! There has been concern about the availability of higher-performing window frames in New Zealand. 

We have talked to our suppliers who are currently working to meet these new standards within New Zealand.