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Benefits of our Thermal Range

This all relates back to the frame which is a very important component in any window or door. The frame can affect the energy efficiency of any window and door. It doesn’t matter what the glazing may be, there can be a lot of energy going out through the frame. Wall and ceiling insulation will make a big difference to the overall insulation of your home, office, or building.

Standard aluminium is a good conductor of heat and cold meaning you can lose or gain a great deal of both through the window/door.

A thermal break needs to be added to the frame if you are after a barrier between the environment and the inside. Installing thermally broken double glazed windows will be able stop noise by up to 80% and keep your home cooler during the year in New Zealand.

Benefits of thermally broken aluminium windows are:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Lasting
  • Durable
  • Thermal Break Technology
  • Conducts heat and noise 1000 times slower than normal aluminium
  • Added layer of security
  • Powder coated surfaces with a large range of colours

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